Hair Color Ideas for Spring

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Spring is in the air, and with the new season comes a desire to ditch the dark colors of winter for something lighter and brighter. This doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe, but also to your hair color. Traditionally, fashions lean towards a chestnut brown in the winter. In the spring season, many people take their hair one to two shades lighter, repeating this again in summer for an even lighter hair color Charlotte NC.

The modern world has a wide array of options when it comes to beauty, and hair color which would have once been a fashion faux pas are now generally accepted as an alternative form of beauty. If you’re ready for a new hair color, look at these three distinct options.

The Traditional Option: Go Two Shades Lighter

This is the option many fashion-friendly people have turned to for decades. Whatever color your hair currently is, a lightning solution can be used to bring it two shades lighter. Often, this is repeated yet again in the summer, so your summer hair is either blonde or very light brown.

The Uncommon Option: Go Red

Red is an uncommon coloring option that has still managed to stay at the fringes of the hair color industry. People who opt for red are showing off their fierce yet elegant side. A natural red is the best option. If you’re one of those few lucky ones who can successfully pull off a bright red, go for it!

The Unique Option: Try Unconventional Coloring

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Unconventional coloring is any color which would not normally be found, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years. You can apply unconventional coloring to your whole head, underneath, or in streaks. Good colors for spring include any pastels, pinks, or blues.