Hidden in Plain Sight, Ready to Defend

undercover clothes

Being comfortable and yet having a concealed firearm is important for those who either work in private security or individuals who choose to carry on their person. Discretion is important so that no one else can readily see that one has a hidden firearm. For this purpose, undercover clothes made specifically for hiding a weapon on one’s person are essential. Readily accessible and yet hidden, it gives the wearer a sense of protection while appearing normal.

These forms of clothing come in various styles. A common form is a t-shirt with secure pockets to the sides, just beneath the underarms. This small patch/pocket allows for a firearm to be placed and secured tightly. As it’s on the sides, it can be hidden better than a traditional holster that is worn over the chest and shoulders.

Men’s and women’s shorts are also made to have a firearm fastened to it. With secure pockets on the backside, a firearm can be placed and hidden underneath a long jacket or sweater. With a quick reach behind, a firearm can be retrieved and ready for use.

undercover clothes

Vests are also a versatile accessory where the multiple pockets allow for storage of other items one may need. Whether it’s ammunition, flashlight, or other tools, these vests allow for weapon concealment while being able to store other items.

These undercover items are practical for both men and women. That’s why they are made specifically for both gender body types. They are also practical for those who wish to feel safe when in the course of their work and daily lives. Being able to carry a firearm without making it noticeable also prevents the element of surprise being in favor of a potential attacker. Therefore, these forms of clothing are the optimal choice instead of holsters and belts.