Meaty, Tasty And Ticklish Tidbits On Ostrich Resources

ostrich feathers

There are very few unique parts of the world where you can have all the ostrich you can handle. The ostrich is a remarkable and yet, unusual creature. It is remarkable because it is the largest living bird on the surface of the earth. It is so large; it is bigger than a man, much bigger in fact. The creature is unusual because, get this, like those little arctic penguins, the ostrich cannot fly. It is destined to roam the land at a terrific speed.

Yes, it has well muscled legs that allow it to propel itself forward at phenomenal speeds. Try and catch one of these creatures if you dare. But many, many moons ago, these graceful creatures could fly. One wonders about evolution and all those sorts of things. The flight of the ostrich must have been graceful because have you seen those jet black ostrich feathers. Spread them out, there you go; they’re so large you could easily make a feathered skirt out of it.

ostrich feathers

Sad to say it, but ostrich feathers are being used on a grand scale to manufacture what they call feather dusters. For cleaning up, for crying out loud! Not for dressing up and going to parties? Oh, yes indeed and thank goodness for that. The ostrich’s hide, it’s incredibly thick, is used to manufacture those fine handbags and shoes you’ll see in only the most exclusive malls in the world. And they’re very expensive too.

And have you tasted the meat? It’s really quite delish. Not only that, it’s a rich form of protein that’s actually quite good for you. The well muscled creature has minimal levels of body fat tissue in comparison to other beasts, and the meat is organically prepared too.